Butts Hill, Wrotham


A selection of memories from occupants and visitors to Wrotham Village, past and present.
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We enjoyed looking at your site and doing the walking tour, must come and have a real walk around now. We used to know a friend - Bob Dagger (and wife Valerie) who lived in Wrotham, at Greystones. We have lost touch years ago,do you have any clues as to their whereabouts? If so could you give an address or telephone number please. With thanks.
Ivan and Gill Mason -
Hello, thanks for a great site very informative, but, can any one out there help me in finding the whereabouts of wrotham manor my mother was evacuated their during world war 2. She remembers going to school in wrotham and on Sundays walking to trotiscliffe church. The occupiers of the manor she remembers as colonel wroxby (Roxby) and that the manor house was 400 years old, a postcard did exist with a picture showing the house but unfortunately has been lost. My mother remembers quite a lot more, but our recent trips out to find the manor have not been successful. My mothers maiden name is Edna Knight she would have been 11 years of age and hailed from Woolwich where she still lives.
David Fryer -

I've just fallen into your website and read through all the messages!!!Lots of things I remember from Wrotham.My Nan,Grandad and Aunties all came from Wrotham and I lived there for a number of years before moving with my family to Wales. Still got family in Wrotham and visit regularly. My cousin has now settled in Wrotham so I hope we will have roots in wrotham for a few more generations.I also think I have located some family through your site so thanks!
Jaci Adams - Wales

I've just discovered that I may have ancestor that came over to the US from Wrotham and am thinking about visiting. After this virtual tour I'm sure I will be there soon. Great pictures! Looks like the England we Americans dream about.It would be great if you had some genealogy info included in the site. Thanks
Pat Werner nee Chewning - New Athens, IL
Hello. I stopped at your site on Wrotham. I am doing family research and I believe members in my family tree lived in Wrotham at Greenhill House. They were living there at the time of the 1881 census, head of the household was George Osborne. His brothers Harry and William Osborne were also living there in 1881. The write-up that Colin and Carolyn have provided on your site mentions Kent directories. I am interested to know if any more information is available on these Osborne brothers from the 1878, 1882, 1891, or 1895 directories? Thank you in advance if there is any information you can share. I know a little about them. They all were born in Marden, Kent, and their surname was really Usborne. The family was mostly carpenters. Another online source states that George Osborne died in 1905, and that Harriet, his wife, died in the 1920s. Another brother, Alexander Osborne/Usborne, was also living in Wrotham, at Court Lane, in the 1881 census. Yet another brother, John Osborne/Usborne, was living in Ightham in 1881. My great-great-grandfather was yet another brother in this family. He came to the US in 1872 from Marden. Please forward this to Colin and Carolyn if they have more information from the Kent directories. Thank you.
Craig Brown -

Thanks for a wonderful web site from a local.
James - West Malling
What a lovely site, well done. Does anyone know of a grave location layout, or a MI research project?
Geoff Beach - South Wales
Hello all. Just done the tour around the village and liked the site. My interest has come about because of searching for a 3 x gt Grandfather John Tappin probably born in Kent. I have just received a copy of a death certificate showing that a John Tappin age 79 was found dead on 25 Feb 1857 at Tibbys Bridge Wrotham with cause of death given as accidental. Anyone any ideas about where Tibbys Bridge is/was? Also anyone know what local newspapers were in print around this time? Thanks and regards.
David Tappin -