Butts Hill, Wrotham

Wrotham Map

Wrotham and its surrounding areas through the ages; from circa 1700 to present day.

Wrotham circa 1700

In 1555 during Sir Thomas Wyatt's rebellion opposing Queen Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain, a skirmish took place in Blacksole field when Sir Robert Southwell, the Sheriff of Kent and Lord Abergavenny with a force of 500 gentlemen routed Sir Henry Isley's party. Many were slain and over the years skeletons found in neighbourhood cellars have been attributed to this event.
Cannonball found in the Village - During recent roadworks in Wrotham Village a 2lb cannonball was located approximately 2 metres/6 feet below the ground. The cannonball is believed to date back to the middle ages but is not known whether it was fired in anger. Could this be from the Wyatt insurrection of 1554?

Wrotham circa 1800

Wrotham circa 1820

Wrotham Village 1840

Wrotham 2012